7 Pro Tips to Keep in Mind While Buying a Water Dispenser

7 Pro Tips to Keep in Mind While Buying a Water Dispenser

7 Pro Tips to Keep in Mind While Buying a Water Dispenser

Having a water dispenser by your side at home, or at the office can provide much-needed convenience to your everyday needs. A water dispenser is an electronic appliance that dispenses cold, hot, or room-temperature water at the touch of a button. It often has two major roles:

  • to offer healthy, clean, and safe water from a replaceable bottle
  • to dispense chilled or hot water quickly

There are hundreds of water dispensers in the market with different prices, features, and capabilities. It can be very overwhelming to choose the right water dispenser according to your needs! 

Reading this article will give you insights into this appliance, and boost your confidence when you head out or go online to make your first purchase. After you have developed an understanding of different types of water dispensers, and their features, head onto our website to use the ‘Compare’ feature to help you purchase the perfect water dispenser.

Let's discuss what these features are, and how you would take them into consideration while making your purchase.

  1. Capacity of the hot and cold water tank
  2. Ease of cleaning and maintenance
  3. Know your budget
  4. Weight and size
  5. Power consumption (Inverter) 
  6. Design
  7. Warranty and repairs

1. Capacity of hot and cold water tank

Capacity of a hot and cold water tank is a very important consideration to keep in mind before purchasing a water dispenser. Water dispensers at PEL come with a cold tank capacity of 3.7 liters, and a hot tank capacity of 1.2 liters. A cold tank capacity of 3.7 liters means roughly 15 glasses of cold water can be dispensed at once!

2. Cleaning and Maintenance

A water dispenser needs to be kept clean and maintained to remain safe and secure. Ensure that your water dispenser is simple to clean and has a proper drainage system before you purchase. Ensure the child safety lock. It will help to prevent any type of unintentional water spill. With its self-cleaning mechanism, the best in class will also help eliminate a lot of viruses and bacteria. 

PEL water dispensers have 304 SS food grade rating which gives you rust-free and anti-bacterial features in water dispensers.

3. Know your budget

Price is the most important consideration for most consumers. PEL has built a remarkable reputation over the years in Pakistani households, always delivering the best quality and long-lasting electronic appliances at an affordable price point. Prices of water dispensers are subject to their quality and features, ranging from affordable to slightly expensive. Water dispensers at PEL have a range of Rs. 24,500 to Rs. 27,500 offering a wide array of features such as curved glassdoor water dispensers, flat glassdoor water dispensers, and 20 litre refrigerator units fixed inside water dispensers.

4. Weight and Size

An additional factor to consider while purchasing a water dispenser is its weight and size.  Select a water dispenser that is lightweight so that it’s easy to move around the house or office. It should also be smartly shaped so that the water dispenser adds to the aesthetic of your surroundings. Lastly, ensure that the distance between the water outlet and the drip tray is ample so that it’s convenient for you to fill your water bottles. PEL 316 Premier Water Dispenser at Rs. 26,500 is only 19 kg in weight, and therefore very easy to move around. Other water dispensers at PEL also weigh no more than 19 kg to 21 kg.

5. Power Consumption (Inverter)

Water dispensers are electronic devices that consume electricity, therefore, keeping power requirements in view becomes vital.  PEL water dispensers have a Voltage/ Frequency of 220/ 50 (Volts/ Hz). The cooling power required is 100 Watts, and the heating power required is 500 Watts. Those who are looking to be more eco-friendly, and conserve energy should keep in consideration that consumption of energy entirely depends on how frequently cold and hot water is dispensed. Don't forget to consider the water dispenser's noise level when searching for one. The staff finds it challenging to focus and work when the water dispenser is noisy. Water dispensers at PEL have a unique feature that gives you less noise and low power consumption.

6. Design

Look for a water dispenser that fits in with the style of your house or office. Wouldn’t that be a bonus? PEL water dispensers come in a wide range of colours and designs with the body made up of metal, an extensive range of PEL latest models are with stylish straight glass door and other comes with curved glass door. (Add images of the respective WD’s here)

 7. Warranty and Repairs

Consider purchasing a dispenser that comes with a guarantee before making a purchase. Most reliable companies offer a warranty if an appliance malfunction or breaks down after being installed in your home.


Since we've covered all the key facts you should consider before purchasing a dispenser, you can now easily and without hassle choose the best option. First, determine the power consumption, and consider the size. Check additional features such as cleaning, cooling and hot water capacities.

Last but not least, look into the warranty to ensure that you will always have access to high-quality water.