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  1. PEL Classic Microwave 20Ltr

    PEL Classic Microwave 20Ltr

    Equipped with modern day technology and contemprary designs PEL microwave oven with its 4D technology heats your food to perfection.

    Gives convenience of setting power levels for variety of cooking
    Unique sensor technology allows you to select appropriate weight, temperature settings and time to cook your required meal
    PEL offers the only microwave in Pakistan which offers 2 years magnetron warranty
    Automatically adjusts weights and power level for speedy defrosting
    Achieves target temperature uniformly throughout the food, assuring microbiological safety
    To prevent unsupervised operation of the microwave oven by children

    Capacity 23 Liter

    Regular Price: Rs. 8,599

    Special Price Rs. 8,300

  2. PEL Glamour Microwave 20Ltr

    PEL Glamour Microwave 20Ltr

    Capacity 20 Liter

    Regular Price: Rs. 8,800

    Special Price Rs. 7,799

  3. PEL Glamour Microwave 23Ltr

    PEL Glamour Microwave 23Ltr

    Capacity 23 Liter

    Regular Price: Rs. 11,700

    Special Price Rs. 10,399


3 Item(s)